Activities in and around the Ramot Resort

The ideal location of the hotel, excellent for trips and attractions in the area, the hotel staff will be happy to recommend you magical places in the area to enjoy your couple or family vacation

To feel nature….

Waterfalls Trails

The Waterfall trail is one of the most beautiful tours in the Golan Heights. During the hike we visit a number of impressive waterfalls “Eagle Waterfall” , “White waterfall” “Gamla Waterfall” and enjoy winter colors and blossoming. We also visit the oldest synagogue in the country and enjoys a spectacular blossoming of the “Iris” flower.

Jordan Park Abu kayak

This beautiful Natural park is located on the banks of the Jordan River surrounded by a stunning river vegetation landscape and the magical atmosphere of nature and water.

Wineries in the Golan

Golan Heights Wineries:

The Golan Heights is our wine land. Here you’ll find inspiring vines, immersed in greenery and surrounded with breathtaking views. Golan Heights Wineries invites you to taste the wine land products & enjoy a guided tour in one of the most celebrated wineries of Israel, which many of its wines won international acclaim.

For more details & booking a tour – +972 4 6968435/409

Chateau Golan Vineyard

Chateau Golan Vineyards is a charming boutique vineyard which produces exceptional wines from the richness of Golan grapes. The Winery’s design, estactics, first class wine, combined with a gracious staff guarantees visitors an enchanting visit. The vineyard is found at Moshav Elad in the Southern Golan

For more details & booking a tour – +972 4 6600026

art and a little sweet

Lol Art

A creative and fun experience in front of the view of the Sea of ​​Galilee in Moshav Ramot

For more details & booking a tour – +972 52 3301222

Mandarin Studio

Glass workshops in Moshav Natur 

For more details – +972 4 6763619

Chocolate de Carina

Boutique Chocolate factory with a European look you can enter a world full of a love story for chocolate and participate in an experience that leaves sweet memories, love in the heart and good taste in the mouth

For more details & booking a tour – +972 4 6993622

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